Zoning Data

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Asset Classes

Hospitality (hotel), Industrial, Medical, Multifamily, Office, Retail, Single Family Residential, Storage, Land

Topics Covered
  • Zoning / Planning

Zoning attributes that are standardized across jurisdictions including zone code, permitted land uses, lot area, and building height. Our proprietary technology goes directly to the source and digitizes Zoning, Permitted Land Use and Building Control data, making it available in multiple formats for our users.

  • Our team has an in-depth knowledge of the real estate sector, and with the support of our clients, we developed our proprietary technology to meet their data requirements, report formats, and compliance standards.
  • The platform is built on a foundation of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms that can aggregate, rationalize and categorize vast streams of real estate data layers. This data is then provided to our customers in a user-friendly and business-ready format.

Real Estate Intelligence at your fingertips: Make smart decisions quicker and faster with the most comprehensive and up-to-date Zoning and Land Use data available anywhere.

Unparalleled & Growing Data Coverage: With the largest nationwide data coverage and quick data addition, the Zoneomics platform gives customers the ability to increase their revenue per parcel

Efficient and Effective Real Estate Data Platform: Search for a single parcel or entire market, and visualize the available Land use options, development allowance, and other insights according to local zoning codes within 24 hours

Get In the Zone: Reach new heights of profitability and efficiency with the technological answer to zoning requirements

About Zoneomics


Zoneomics is a real estate intelligence platform powered by AI and machine learning that collects and puts crucial zoning data, land-use data and analysis into the hands of users at the click of a button.

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