Cherre is a real estate data network. We are committed to empowering all stakeholders with an interconnected data-driven platform to execute more transactions.

Our proprietary platform collects and resolves all public and private real-estate data in real-time, and provides unparalleled insight into asset value and viability.


The World Moves Fast

We have great aspirations, and believe in moving fast to achieve them. We recognize and accept heuristic uncertainty and imperfection, yet at the same time strive for perfection.


For You and For Us

We are building the community in which we aspire to live, a community that believes in open, honest, and supportive communication, and that is constantly dedicated to trying to improve its surroundings.

Collaborative Diversity

Your Original Voice Matters

We value originality, creativity, and diversity of thought. We encourage strong and thoughtful opinions, and strive to constantly question the status-quo. We are constantly learning.


Data Never Lies

We are a data-driven community that values actionable insight. We don't make assumptions, and we believe in liberating data for all.


Be part of the revolution

We believe that technology should empower, and be empowered by people. We are a team of dreamers and builders that loves to solve the most complex problems that the industry faces.

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Advisory Board

Dedicated group of senior industry and market leaders