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Follow Your Data

Cherre’s award-winning AI platform empowers you to make better investment and underwriting decisions.

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Cherre is proud to work with the following market leaders

Instantly Connect and Analyze
All of Your Real Estate Data

Connect and Analyze

Cherre's platform allows you to connect all of your disparate real estate data feeds, regardless of the source, to a single source of truth for the entire organization. We empower you to immediately extract meaningful investment and operational insights.

CoreAugment: Power Your Business
with the Most Accurate Data

Cherre provides you with the most accurate, and updated real estate data to power your most mission-critical operations. We support most delivery mechanisms, and our platform can be tailored to your specific needs.

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CoreConnect: Make Better Decisions
with a Unified Single Source-of-Truth

Connect all of your internal and external data from any source to power your most demanding data architecture needs.

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CoreExplore: The Most Powerful Real
Estate Analytics Platform in the World

Gain instant and actionable investment and operations insight from all of your connected data. We help you convert data into knowledge.

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CorePredict: Make Better Investment
and Underwriting Decisions

Leverage the most powerful real estate AI platform in the world to build a long-lasting competitive advantage.

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