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Usearch is a leader in search-as-a-service solutions, enabling professionals across multiple industry verticals to improve efficiencies and make faster, more informed business decisions. Usearch sources the entirety of the open web to build customized databases with real time market signals. Usearch’s proprietary AI technology extracts targeted unstructured, structured, and embedded content from the open web and transforms it into enriched, usable data to support businesses of all sizes from start-ups to large enterprises.

Services include:

Company Explorer with Real Time Alerts: Enhanced business and location information on over 8 million US businesses and 20 million business locations enriched with over 40 fields of content plus real time market signals covering over 50 topics including Hiring, Layoffs, Leases, Sales, Partnerships, Executives Changes, and more.

Custom Market Signals and Data Feeds: Custom built structured datasets for every business need leveraging the power of AI for automatic dataset generation to bring in data from more than 80 million websites, PDF and CSV files.

Market and Competitive Intelligence Platform: Strategic real-time updates and alerts on your competitors and customers across relevant industry sectors.

Custom Search: Usearch Custom search is the most effective way to find relevant data from all over the web. Limit the web to relevant domains, filter the results per topic or industry, or customize rankings to meet your need. Ensure your results come only from the most informative domains that matter to you.

Web Search API: Allows you to enrich your app, website or internal database with data and content from billions of web pages, all with a simple API call. Integrate advanced web search capabilities in minutes.

News API: Search for articles and breaking news from all over the web. Get comprehensive live & historical results using Usearch’s simple REST API. Using contextual understanding and natural language processing (NLP) to adapt to any use case, we enable you to show articles around any topic and industry you choose.

Web Data Archive: The Usearch data archive contains billions of web pages and news articles. It contains data in a machine-readable format, including the title, description, and full text of every webpage published since 2008.

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Phase 1 - Web data aggregation

  • Usearch aggregates real estate web data that covers real estate news articles on companies all across the web. The data sources include press articles, review sites, forums and blogs.
  • The access to the data is given via an API that gets as an input a company’s name and returns the recent news on the company.
  • The goal of this phase is to integrate Usearch API in Cherre’s platform in the form of an informative widget.

Phase 2 - Trend discovery

  • The goal of this phase is to develop an automated tool for the discovery of real estate trends with respect to various parameters such as geographical location. The tool will be based on Usearch API (as described in Phase 1) and will employ ML/AI techniques for trend analysis at large scale.

About Usearch


Usearch provides search-as-a-service solutions for any level of customer, whether it be a sole-proprietor app developer, a start-up company or a large enterprise. This solution addresses a wide variety of needs – from relatively simple in-app or site specific searches, to search engines across a company’s various sites, all the way to large-scale complex search engines that focus on a specific portion of the world wide web or on the world wide web in its entirety.

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