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Topics Covered
  • Sales Comps
  • Flex-Office Data
  • Lease Comps
  • Rental Listings

Private and coworking space search and booking.

Locations (Buildings) that offer coworking and flexible offices, including:

  1. Address
  2. Amenities
  3. Contact information
  4. Total number of Seats
  5. Total Square Footage

Flexible Spaces (Suites) that are available on flexible terms

  1. Suite number
  2. Suite capacity (seats)
  3. Suite capacity (square footage)
  4. Available yes/no
  5. Date available
  6. Asking price

Analytics about the flexible office market (for 35 North American Markets)

  1. Total locations
  2. Inventory (seats)
  3. Vacant seats
  4. Vacancy %
  5. Average asking price per seat
  6. Average asking price by suite type
  7. Demand
  8. Demand Trend
  9. Supply trend (new and closed locations)
  10. Seat prices trend
  11. Seat prices forecast
  12. Average demand per location
  13. Lead Volume
  14. Views in Search
  15. Average lead size

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Where teams go to find coworking spaces! Upsuite helps teams find the perfect fit coworking office so they can do their best work. We provide access to the largest, most thoroughly researched and constantly updated coworking inventory available. Teams that use Upsuite get more relevant information about coworking offices than they do on any other site. We give teams great photography, maps, cost and availability information, a list of amenities, and descriptions about how people feel when working in the space. Even more importantly, we give teams a no-cost dedicated Coworking Advisor so they can find the space that fits them, their work style, and culture. We're hiring now! See the Careers page on our website for current openings. It's an exciting time to join our team.

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