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Unleash the Power of Your Market Research with STI Datasets

Your market research queries are unique to your company's business strategy. That's why one-size-fits-all data solutions are insufficient for your research needs — and they unnecessarily place limits on your market evaluations. What's needed is flexible research building blocks.

Demographic data building blocks, for example, are a powerful alternative to cookie-cutter data products. Unlike other data, they allow you to unleash your company's maximum market research potential. These data building blocks and others can be applied in uncountable configurations to meet your exact research needs — without limits. 

STI: PopStats™ - The market’s only and most accurate quarterly demographic data.

Today, market research demands precision. It requires keen market knowledge to make the most profitable location-focused decisions, such as where to open new stores, when to close existing stores, and how to identify new business opportunities. Every research variable needs to be dependable— especially population estimates.

Since its launch in 2001, a growing number of progressive companies have come to depend on STI: PopStats™ quarterly population estimate’s accurate, current, and robust population data. They use it to capture real population growth as it occurs, estimate population counts accurately at low geographic levels, gain in-depth knowledge about specific populations, access data for both historic growth trends and future forecasts—and much more.

When you choose PopStats data to fuel your research engine, you will gain today’s leading quarterly updated population data, the highest level of population-estimating accuracy, and a robust range of population variables.

STI: WorkPlace – Quarterly Business Counts. Counting businesses and employees in your trade area every quarter.

Consumers come in many shapes and sizes — including those in uniforms, business suits, and hard hats. Yet, too often market researchers do not count working consumers and the businesses in which they are employed. The reason? They have no confidence in most workplace business and employee estimates due to a chronic over-counting problem among many data products.

STI: WorkPlace™ solves this problem by employing new sources of data and an innovative methodology. Just as STI: PopStats™ data delivers dependable population estimates, STI: WorkPlace delivers the most reliable counts of both businesses and employees in today’s U.S. trade areas. What’s more, it uncovers unique data points not available in other data products, including employees’ occupations and incomes (salaries and wages).

What’s more, unlike any other business data, WorkPlace is update every three months and delivers business insight starting at the block level — so the information is both timely and relevant.

By knowing a trade area’s workplace population, you’ll gain vital information for making smarter decisions. When you choose STI: WorkPlace you can count on dependable businesses and employee estimates, enjoy unique views into business activity by trade area and gain an ideal companion to STI’s entire suite of data products.

STI: Spending Patterns™ – Consumer Spending Habits. Discover consumer spending habits and price potential in your trade areas.

How valuable would it be to know how much consumers in your trade areas spend on relevant products and services — and how much they are willing to pay for them?

Knowing consumer spending habits in over 600 products and service categories by geographic area and the prices they have the potential to pay for these items helps companies make informed decisions on everything from site location, to merchandising, to marketing. Getting answers to these questions is as easy as adding STI: Spending Patterns to your research engine.

The source of STI: Spending Patterns data is the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). It is based on the annual Consumer Expenditure Survey, which measures the spending habits of U.S. consumers. Every quarter, Synergos Technologies models this raw data and delivers a weekly per capita, an average spending per capita per week, and a consumer price potential by spending category.

With STI: Spending Patterns, you gain in-depth consumer spending habits, current trends at the block group level, and an ideal companion to other STI data products.

STI: Market Outlook – Identify consumer demand gaps in your trade areas.

Is current consumer demand for products higher than the current supply in your trade areas? Knowing the answer could help your company discover opportunity gaps and capitalize on unmet demand for products — especially in fast-growing trade areas.

There are sales gaps in every U.S. market — in other words, consumer product needs and wants that are not being met. Finding these unmet demands in your trade areas requires precise analysis. STI: Market Outlook delivers the supply and demand insight you need to take proactive steps to meet real and accurate consumer demands as they exist today.

When you choose Market Outlook, you gain dependable supply and demand insight, the first-mover advantage, and an ideal companion to other STI data products.

STI: LandScape™ – Lifestyle Segmentation. A psychographic dataset with 72 lifestyle segments to create your perfect customer profile

Having a psychographic dataset is crucial now more than ever in this day of social. Consumers hold individualistic attitudes on a wide range of topics — from health to politics, to technology adoption. Each consumer’s unique attitudes influence his or her lifestyle choices. And their lifestyles impact their purchasing decisions on cars, clothing, food, entertainment, and more.

Knowing consumers’ unique lifestyle attitudes has numerous business implications — from site selection to merchandising, to marketing. However, there has not been a dependable way to cluster consumers according to their lifestyle attitudes — until now.

The STI: LandScape™ product is an innovative neighborhood segmentation system created specifically to segment consumers by both traditional demographic factors and by their lifestyle attitudes. As a result, LandScape data goes far beyond other segmentation systems — and gives companies deeper levels of actionable consumer insight at the block-group level.

When you choose LandScape data to segment consumers, you gain more dependable geodemographic neighborhood segments, access to 21 unique Lifestyle and Environmental Indicators, and the option to view consumers’ real-world purchases on thousands of items.

STI: Colossus - Analyze the impact of today’s leading economic data indicators on your business.

Did you know that economic reports on new and existing home sales help predict if consumers are in a shopping mood? Did you know that economic reports on advanced orders for durable goods indicate positive changes in business activity? Did you know that the Consumer Price Index gauges inflation and much more at the retail level?

What do these economic insights mean to your company? The answer lies in bringing macroeconomic data down to a market-level — where it is accessible, meaningful, and usable. The STI: Colossus econometric data brings together literally millions of economic variables from over 200 leading federal and state departments and agencies in one singular source, for the first time.

When you add Colossus data to your research engine, you gain easy access to a vast universe of macroeconomic data, which you can use to meet your company’s specific business needs and challenges — such as preferred market analysis, impact analysis, and economic development.

STI: BlockPoint™ – A Block Level Dataset. Count populations with pinpoint precision – block level data was never more accurate.

Block groups have been the de facto geographic measurement instrument in trade area analysis for decades. But extracting the most current population estimates within subsections of the nation’s 209,000 block groups has been difficult, if not impossible.

While most population estimating products simply spread population growth across block groups based on historical averages, an innovative product now brings a finer level of granularity to the process. STI: BlockPoint leverages the power of the nation’s over eight million block points to give retailers, grocers, restaurants, developers, and other location-dependent businesses, population estimates that represent true population changes within all U.S. block groups.

Estimating Populations with Finer Granularity: Just as STI: PopStats™ data gets its estimating strength from a unique calculation that combines the U.S. Census with residential ZIP+4 postal codes, STI: BlockPoint also gets its precision from the same methodology. However, STI: BlockPoint takes the population calculation one step further by allocating population growth to subsections within block groups based on actual changes. For example, if 1,000 people have moved into a block group that has ten block points, but 70 percent of the new residents have moved into only the southwest quadrant, STI: BlockPoint can identify those specific areas of growth and calculate both population estimates and growth percentages for them.

Ideal Solution for an Aging Census: STI: BlockPoint overcomes one of the leading trade area research problems of our times — the aging 2000 U.S. Census. One of the downsides to this decennial Census is that population growth has changed significantly since 2000. Today many previously low-density block groups are among the country’s fastest growing areas. Conversely, many areas that had large populations have lost residents. But even more relevant is that growth and decline has rarely occurred uniformly across block groups. STI: BlockPoint overcomes the disparity with its unique methodology. As a result, businesses gain another valuable tool at their desktops to more accurately assess population changes in new and existing markets.

1,000 Points of Data for Every Block Point: This add-on product to the STI: PopStats product both minimizes the challenges of expanding into high-growth block groups and maximizes the business opportunities that exist in fast-growing areas. And, just like STI: PopStats, STI: BlockPoint delivers today’s most robust range of quarterly residential population data. The product provides access to 1,000 fields of residential data, including households, incomes, home values, expenditures, lifestyles, transience, ancestries, and more. The robustness of this population data, which is unprecedented in the market research industry, is specifically designed to meet the varying needs of a wide range of businesses.

See STI: BlockPoint Advantage – Today: STI: BlockPoint delivers a finer-grained view of population growth and a more expansive range of quarterly population demographics than has ever been available before. Why not see STI: BlockPoint in action? Just tell us which trade area you want to test and we’ll send you a complimentary sample of the product. We’re confident that you’ll appreciate the fine-grained level of population-estimating precision this product brings to trade area research.

About Synergos Technologies

Synergos Technologies

Since 1992, Synergos Technologies Inc. (STI) has been providing market-focused companies with many of today’s most innovative and confidence-boosting demographic data building blocks. With data like STI: PopStats™, STI: LandScape™, and more, companies across the country are sharpening, advancing, and expanding their market research to new levels of market, consumer, and location insight.

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