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StateBook provides trusted, sourced data to improve location analysis. Our data allows you to compare locations to identify the most strategic opportunities for investment, confirm project viability, and mitigate risk across disparate data sources, multiple geography levels and over time.

StateBook International helps companies discover the best, most strategic U.S. locations for their business. To support the corporate site selection process, StateBook aggregates location intelligence data for every community in the U.S. about workforce, taxes, utility rates, infrastructure, supply chain, wages, quality of life, available incentives and more.

Companies search, filter and compare U.S. communities, then easily create customized, sourced reports on communities of interest. Companies also connect directly with economic development organizations (EDOs) through StateBook to discuss their current business needs and future goals. EDOs use StateBook data to respond more efficiently to RFIs, benchmark their communities against the competition, enhance business retention and expansion efforts and win new investment by marketing their communities to site selectors and companies using StateBook. StateBook's mission is to facilitate connections for building thriving businesses and communities.

About StateBook


StateBook is the premiere provider of comprehensive economic market data for every community in the U.S. and the first nationwide online marketplace for economic development and corporate site selection.

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