Spatial Labs’s Geosocial datasets are the world's first human-driven location datasets—built by organizing billions of location-based social media into 70+ segments. Since launching their Geosocial first segmentation in 2019 companies like Ford, TSCG, Keller Williams and over 150 retailers/restaurants with 100,000+ locations use Geosocial data to predict demand, select locations, and uncover the invisible community characteristics that have a bottom-line impact on their business. is backed by Serra Ventures, M25, Futureshape, and Techstars

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About Dataset is a location data company that uses conversations from social networks to understand how humans move and experience the world around them.

Proximity Geosocial: A segmentation of neighborhoods based on the type and velocity of social activity in the area.

PersonaLive Geo: PersonaLive classifies every US household into one of 80 behavioral segments using their social, retail, website, and demographic traits.

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