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Soleadify provides business data enrichment with unprecedented coverage of SMBs, accurate classification and in-depth insights based on real-time updates.

Soleadify data solution leverages 1st party content from individual company websites and social media sites to create structured profiles on over 70 million SMBs and private companies in 200 countries and 20 languages. Each company profile consists of:

  1. Company firmographic information: company name, legal name, address information, revenue and employee counts, and employee/company contact information.
  2. Company technographic information: tools the company uses to power their website; and
  3. Company classifications: what industry do they participate in, what products do they produce, and what are the most significant ESG issues they are confronted with.

Our solution is delivered through API and can be used to support three use cases:

  1. As a source for searching for companies;
  2. As a source to match (validate) an inputted company record against, and enrich that record with specific attributes; and
  3. As a monitoring source to track changes in a designated company.

About Soleadify


Soleadify delivers fresh, actionable insights on 70 million small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and private companies to enhance decision-making and improve business processes. We use AI/NLP to index billions of web pages and social media sites each week, and convert unstructured data into usable, accessible data with rich attributes including industry, product, technology and ESG classifications. By delivering our data through an easy-to-integrate API, we support a variety of SMB lending, SMB underwriting, procurement and market intelligence use cases. Soleadify was launched in 2018 and is based in Bucharest, Romania with a business development presence in North America.

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