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Data sourced, transformed, enriched, structured, and delivered.

Sequentum provides complete control for web data extraction, document management and intelligent process automation (IPA). Our end-to-end platform provides the flexibility to be used in-house or you can outsource your web data extraction needs to our experienced Managed Data Services group. Our tools create software configuration files that define exactly what data to extract, quality control monitors, and output specifications to any format or endpoint.

About Sequentum


Our company name, Sequentum, is of Latin origin and means successor or next. Our name & brand convey our unique ability to help you find what’s next in your data, using our team of knowledgeable experts & advanced technology, TODAY. Our team of experts, best in class technology & holistic approach to web data extraction meld the art & science of sourcing data from the public web. We are a passionate, experienced and knowledgeable team who strongly believes that anything is possible with the right tools in the right hands.

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