Data Extraction Service for Unstructured and Semi-Structured Data

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  • Data Extraction Service from Unstructured and Semi-Structured Data

Sensible supports any PDF document, including scans: We handle OCR, deskewing, ligatures, text cleaning, line merging, and all the other headaches of the PDF format so that you don't have to

Full support for custom document types: Our simple, expressive DSL empowers operations staff and other non-technical users to onboard documents, without having to write any code

Sensible works on both structured and unstructured documents: Use our powerful NLP primitives to summarize and classify free text, fuzzy match tables and key/value pairs, and filter documents down to just their relevant sections

Start with our library of pre-built parsers: Get up and running immediately with one our pre-built parsers for common forms

About Sensible


Sensible is building the future of software defined workflows by adding structure to unstructured and semi-structured data. Sensible provides developers with a powerful query language for documents, plus built-in support for a wide range of standard document types. Co-founder Josh experienced firsthand the challenge of extracting structured data from PDFs at Newfront Insurance, where he built internal tools for managing quotes, applications, and certificates of insurance. He couldn't find any developer tools that gave him sufficient control over the parsing process while still working at a layer of abstraction above the raw OCR or text dump from a PDF. Sensible is our way to help businesses focus on creating unique value, instead of fighting to scale document processing efforts.

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