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Increasing efficiency & speed in your real estate financing workflow.

Automated financing solutions for commercial real estate (risks, origination ­modeling)

A Complete Origination Model and Credit Memo in Minutes: Accelerate the entire process of underwriting in commercial real estate financing by applying speed and efficiency to your entire real estate financing process

Quick & Efficient CRE Dealflow: Access a full infrastructure for underwriting and supporting deal flow based on a user's preferred data and assumption models. Advanced automation and AI take the tedious work out of your process.

Technology to Drive Deals: A comprehensive solution covering every aspect of commercial real estate financing.

Dynamic Origination ­Modeling: Easily input your assumptions once, and watch each deal applied to your model. Update scenarios and test how they affect it.

Risk Dashboard: Gain a bird’s eye view into the key risks and parameters of a deal.

Credit Memo: Digital credit memo to instantly gain a full deal narrative, complete with property and geographical data.

Data Aggregation & Analysis: AI working for you. Gain access to key public and private data sources, all relevant to your deal and all in one place.

About Seecares


SeeCares is a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use infrastructure for automating the commercial real estate financing dealfow. By applying deep technology to every point in the process, we optimize origination, streamline underwriting, help identify risk and opportunities, and generate instant OMs. Save time and resources, and gain a full picture into every deal.

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