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SafeGraph is a data company. That's it - that's all we do. We predict the past. We want to understand how humans interact with the physical world. We are a market leader in accurate location data.

Places (POI) Dataset: Places is a comprehensive dataset of point of interest (POI) for places globally. If you need POI data, join the 1000’s of organizations who trust Places for their source of truth. Places is a robust dataset that includes: Location information and geographic coordinates, Brand and business attributes, and NAICS and categorical coding.

The most accurate database of global points of interest, curated to power the most innovative applications, platforms, and analytics.

  • POI (point of interest) data includes millions of distinct brands and categories, from large corporations to mom-and-pop stores and industrial locations.
  • Sample attributes included:
    • Location name
    • Address
    • Category
    • Brand association for points of interest (POIs) where people spend time or money
    • Latitude/Longitude
    • Hours Open

Geometry Dataset: Geometry data helps data leaders to better understand the shapes of points of interest (POIs) and their relationships with other places.

  • POI footprints and spatial hierarchy metadata globally. They map the size and area of physical locations for the POIs in their datasets using polygons.
  • Sample attributes included: 
    • Latitude/Longitude
    • Polygon or shape of place, formatted as Well-Known Text (WKT)
    • Polygon class
    • Building height
    • Includes parking lot

About SafeGraph


SafeGraph is a geospatial data company that curates high-precision data on millions of places around the globe. Our datasets provide detailed, accurate, and up-to-date information on points of interest and how people interact with those locations. Our mission is to build the highest-quality places data and make it available to all. That’s why leaders from large organizations like Sysco, Domino’s, Clear Channel, and Avison Young, as well as nonprofits and universities, rely on SafeGraph data to feed their data science models, research, and decision-making.

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