Medical Property Data and Analytics

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Asset Classes


Topics Covered
  • Sales Comps
  • New Construction
  • Demographics
  • Lease Comps
  • Market Insights
  • Occupancy
  • Property Owner
  • Property Characteristics
  • Rental Listings
  • Sale Listings
  • Valuations
  • CRE Performance

The Leading medical real estate data platform including healthcare property, construction, transaction information for medical offices, hospitals, urgent care centers and more.

About Revista


Revista serves as a one-stop resource for healthcare and real estate executives to obtain comprehensive, unbiased, and industry focused data on medical real estate in addition to connecting you with other professionals through best-in-class educational networking events. Revista enables healthcare real estate organizations to gain a competitive advantage by providing data that supports new business development, underwriting, portfolio maintenance and investment strategy.

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