Short-Term Rental Data and Analytics

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Asset Classes

Multifamily, Single Family Residential

Topics Covered
  • Lease Comps
  • Market Insights
  • Property Scores
  • Short-Term Rentals
  • Valuations

The current data sources for this new asset class creates risk by underrepresenting properties optimized as investments, and then using scraped and aggregated data across a wide selection of non-investment properties.

In contrast, Revedy’s proprietary underwriting platform has been built on a continuous data cycle to enhance our True Data™ through improvements to our machine learning and algorithms. From a full investment analysis and asset-level underwrite to regulations and permit reviews, we increase investor confidence.

About Revedy


Revedy is the market leader in underwriting short-term rentals as an investment asset, with over $20B underwritten to date. Revedy empowers investors to make smarter decisions by providing True Data™ from fully optimized investment assets. This allows investors to accurately evaluate the true yields and investment performance at the asset level.

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