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Get a never before seen look at the current nationwide grocery expansion. For those in the retail real estate business, finding and tracking planned grocery locations can be difficult and time consuming. Most news articles lack the sufficient details required to properly locate the exact planned grocery store location. Companies do this research every day, but often the information is gathered on the \"market of the moment,\" and the data is not kept up to date or shared throughout the organization.

Recently mentioned in the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg News, and Business Insider, Planned Grocery® was created for organizations to have better access to data on planned grocery store sites and for companies to be able to use this data for site selection and market planning. Today this data set includes over 1,500 locations across the United States that have some type of grocery anchored development activity. This activity includes locations that are proposed, planned, under construction, or recently built within the last 6 months. The Planned Grocery® data is updated weekly, and details on each planned grocery event include the status, location, opening date, square footage, and news source. What makes the data unique is the research that goes into finding and correctly placing each point on the map. Each point is hand-placed on the map and is tied to a publicly available source.

About Planned Grocery

Planned Grocery

Track early-stage planned developments across the country including shopping centers, retail, hotels, multi-family & single-family, medical, mining & energy.

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