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Short-term and long-term economic data, analysis, forecasts and scenarios. Offering includes: US Macro Service, US State, Metro, County and Scenario Forecasting Service, US County Construction Forecasting Service

US Macro Forecasting Service: Access to short- and long-term analysis, scenarios and forecasts for the US economy.

Subscribers receive forecast data and analysis to 2050, as well as high-frequency coverage of data releases, macro events, emerging issues, and policy decisions. All forecasts are produced using our fully integrated economic model and are consistent with our outlook for the global economy.

US States and Metro Service: Forecasts, scenarios and analysis for US states, metropolitan statistical areas and counties.

Our US states and metro service provides detailed data and forecasts for a broad range of economic, demographic and housing indicators. Three alternative scenarios to the baseline forecast quantify the upside and downside risks for each state and metropolitan area. The forecasts are accompanied by regular written analysis, webinars and support from our regional experts.

The below dataset has been removed from our subscription and therefore the offering to clients:

US Construction Service: A comprehensive five-year outlook for construction activity in the United States.

Our US construction forecasting service, created in partnership with ConstructConnect, provides clients with information they need for effective decision-making.

About Oxford Economics

Oxford Economics

Oxford Economics was founded in 1981 to provide economic advice and forecasts to international organisations. Since then, we have become one of the world’s foremost independent global economic firms, producing forecasts, analysis, and data on 200 countries and regions, 100 industries, and 4,000 cities and regions. Our team now includes over 200 economists and analysts. Oxford Economics specialises in global quantitative analysis and business and public-policy advice. The firm offers a portfolio of forecasting services, consisting of regular reports, databases, and models on countries, cities, and industries. We are renowned for evidence-based consulting and thought leadership services, including economic impact studies, scenario analysis, business modeling, risk assessment, market sizing, executive surveys, white papers, and public-sector analysis. The firm is distinguished by the quality of its quantitative analysis, and the caliber of its staff. We offer the world’s only integrated Global Economic and Industry Model.

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