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Near Space Labs (formally Swiftera) is an aerial imagery and earth observation company. Our unprecedented imagery supports citizens, businesses and municipalities for improved mobility, leisure and urban planning. Through an API, we give immediate access to a database of historic and current imagery. We invite you to analyze the past, explore the present and be the first to see the future with us!

Usage Limits:

Licensee’s access to Content and usage limits are as set forth below.

  • One API key
  • Metadata gRPC rate limits:
    • 5 blocking gRPC requests per second, search_one, count
    • 4 streaming gRPC requests per minute search (no streaming request longer than 15 seconds)
  • Download rate limits:
    • 4 full images downloads per minute
    • 5 thumbnails downloads per second

About Near Space Labs

Near Space Labs

Near Space Labs is a cutting-edge, high-resolution Earth imagery company on a mission to provide universal access to high-quality information about our rapidly changing planet. Co-founded by CEO Rema Matevosyan, CTO Dr. Ignasi Lluch, and Chief Engineer Dr. Albert Caubet, Near Space provides timely, wide-scale, commercially available imagery with the largest zero-emission balloon fleet in the stratosphere. Near Space Labs is revolutionizing the way that businesses, communities, municipalities and researchers gather data that can help solve some of the world’s biggest challenges.

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