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The science is indisputable: nature exposure provides profound mental and physical health improvements. Through innovative technology, machine learning, and big-data, NatureQuant provides tools to fully leverage nature's impact.

NatureQuant has synthesized multiple nature quantification data-sources through a machine-learning process to deliver a “NatureScore” that maximizes the health benefits of nature exposure.

About NatureQuant


NatureQuant is a technology and research company that provides a suite of tools to quantify, monitor, and analyze relationships to natural elements. NatureQuant's novel data can be used in real estate analytics, property valuations (AVMs), city planning, environmental determinants of health/likability/behavior, ESG investment qualification, and various property screening methods (near water, proximity to parks, big trees, etc.). Various hedonic pricing models over the last 30 years have established a clear connection between property values and nature. However, the lack of an easily accessible nature quantification tool has largely prevented these findings from being widely utilized; NatureQuant is the solution.

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