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Moody's ESG / Climate Solutions is dedicated to the identification, quantification and monitoring of climate risks including physical risks that quantify population-weighted exposure to floods, heat stress, hurricanes and typhoons, sea level rise, water stress and wildfires. The offering includes six climate hazards which consist of: 1) Extreme precipitation and inland flooding, 2) Heat stress, 3) Water stress, 4) Hurricanes/typhoons/cyclones, 5) Sea level rise, and 6) Wildfire

About Moody's ESG

Moody's ESG

As a global risk assessment firm with over 35 years’ ESG expertise, we can help you understand climate risk – and opportunity – and how it will shape the future of our economy and capital markets. We offer a broad spectrum of climate solutions and insights, ranging from entity level information to macro level analytics; spanning identification and quantification of climate risk and readiness.

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