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Cherre, the real estate industry’s leading data management and analytics platform, and Lionpoint Group, a global consulting firm for digital and operational transformation in the real estate and alternative investments industry, have partnered together to expand the expertise and consulting best practices available to clients.

Through this strategic partnership, Lionpoint will provide its real estate expertise and consulting best practices, partnering with Cherre in deployments across data management and visualization engagements.

“Cherre is a fantastic platform that we are currently implementing for a number of clients. The partnership allows both firms to play to their strengths,” said Nick Moore, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Lionpoint Group. “As an advisory firm, we can help clients define how Cherre fits into their existing technology ecosystem, while Cherre focuses on the technical aspect of connecting data sets, to create a data-ecosystem that supports decision-making.”

“Clean, organized, and connected data is a critical foundation for creating efficiency and added value within organizations,” said L.D. Salmanson, CEO and co-founder of Cherre. “Lionpoint Group’s passion for digital and operational transformation makes them an excellent partner for maximizing the capabilities of our platform among its client portfolio.”

Cherre seamlessly connects disparate real estate data into a single source of truth, empowering companies to instantly explore all their connected data for immediate and actionable insight. Cherre has the largest real estate knowledge graph in the world and enables customers to uncover granular insights, automate workflows, and build models and visualizations.

“We are excited to introduce the benefits of Cherre to more clients,” said Brandon Bledsoe, Director at Lionpoint Group. “Cherre is uniquely positioned to connect market-leading data providers with the real estate application environment to draw out meaningful insights from data sets that would traditionally be difficult to connect. The result saves users time and provides reliable information in one easy-to-use platform.”

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Lionpoint Group

Lionpoint Group is a leading global consulting firm delivering operations transformation and technology enablement solutions to the alternative investments market. Our consultants have domain expertise across private equity, real estate, infrastructure, and private debt. Our core services include strategic advisory, operating model optimization, technology roadmap and solution selection, and systems integration to solve the complex operational and technology challenges across the front, middle, and back office.

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