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Hospitality (hotel), Industrial, Office, Retail, Storage

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  • Capital Markets
  • Market Insights

Infabode is a free research, news and insights platform for the real estate industry. Used by over 21,000+ real estate professionals Infabode is quickly becoming one of the largest online real estate communities; with content from over 800 partners across the globe. Infabode works with businesses to include their research, insights, blogs, news and market analysis on one platform. From the world's most renowned researchers and institutions to smaller, more specialised consultants and bloggers, Infabode connects members with companies posting industry insights - all in one place. Totally customisable, you can search Infabode according to market sectors, region, and/or areas of interest. Our aim at Infabode is to improve the efficiency in which key information is gathered and distributed within the real estate industry.

About Infabode


Infabode is the home of information for the real estate industry. Get access to market research, insights, news, listings and transactions from a single customizable feed. With over 1,000 content partners and 40,000 users, Infabode gets you the information that you need on the markets in which you operate.

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