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IncentiFind delivers data through three offerings:

QUICK Summary API - The Snapshot: This API gives a preview of incentives by quantity, category, and location. It generates a Soft Estimate of savings based on data from similar projects. With QUICK Summary, you can:

  • Assess a property’s potential savings
  • Compare properties for purchase
  • Plan your next upgrade
  • Review available incentives before purchasing a VERIFY Report

Market Intelligence API - The Regional Analysis: This API provides a geographic overview of incentive offerings. A heat map shows where offerings are strongest, organizing information by region and incentive type. This API is for manufacturers, installers, and property owners looking to:

  • Leverage incentive programs to sell products or services
  • Locate the right markets for reaching ESG goals
  • Realize earning or savings potential

VERIFY API - The Comprehensive Report: This API matches incentives to a project, ensuring eligibility and maximizing savings. This API delivers comprehensive data on incentives at utility companies and at all levels of government (federal, state, county, and city), including:

  • Incentive name
  • Contact information
  • Scope of the project eligible for the incentive
  • Maximum funding amount
  • Timeline
  • Steps for securing the incentive

About IncentiFind


IncentiFind is a nationwide incentive database, housing 500,000+ ways to save by building green. We connect commercial construction and home improvement projects to eligible incentives, offering streamlined steps for capturing them. Covering all 50 states, our database houses incentives from utility companies and every level of government including federal, state, and local.

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