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Leading BI platforms such as IBM Cognos, Tableau, or Power BI require significant configuration and maintenance to work for a specific client or industry. Hotel Business Intelligence Solutions applies industry and technical knowledge to handle this configuration and maintenance, providing an out-of-the-box, low cost solution that requires no dedicated resources from our clients.

Hotel Business Intelligence Solutions has broken the process down into three steps;

  1. source the data from operating partners,
  2. standardize the data in the database,
  3. and create reports to analyze data.

With our industry knowledge and contacts, we lead each step of the process so our clients don't have to. Our system is already setup to import financial data from many operators, such as Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, and Aimbridge, as well as read STR reports. We are Hospitality Financial Technical Professionals (HFTP) members and USALI compliant so all the data will be mapped to a common chart of accounts easily recognizable to industry professionals. Our Power BI based analytical platform includes a library of standard reports and can easily be used to create custom dashboards or integrate into existing excel models. 

About HotelBIS


The HotelBIS platform is a business intelligence application design for hotel investors. The company has existing integrations with 20+ hotel management companies, STR, TravelClick, and is adding more every month with the goal of making all the data a hotel investor needs available in one place. HotelBIS maintains the proprietary data model and works directly with data providers to ensure a client’s data is loaded and accessible in standard and customizable formats from any location or device.

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