GeoSure has created the most highly scaled, realtime, hyper-local safety information available. Covering tens of thousands of neighborhoods across every major city, GeoSure analyzes massive amounts of data from trusted global sources as well as artificial intelligence data harvesting, which fuels proprietary risk algorithms to create safety ratings from 1 (Very Safe/Cool) to 100 (Very Dangerous/Hot) called \"GeoSafeScores.\" In this way, GeoSure provides personalized, relative vulnerability awareness to anyone, anywhere, in realtime. Localized safety ratings to this level of granularity have not existed, until now. Safety data applications include mobile safety awareness tools, as well as enterprise solutions for the Travel & Tourism, Insurance, Commercial Real Estate, and Transportation industry verticals.

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Highly scaled, realtime, hyper-local safety information including: Overall Safety, Physical Harm, Theft, Basic/Political Freedoms, Disease & Medical and Women’s Safety

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