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Cherre, the industry’s leading real estate data management and analytics platform, and Fortimize, a Salesforce partner since 2012, have entered into a strategic alliance to help real estate firms make faster and more accurate decisions within Salesforce.

The alliance combines an industry-leading real estate data management platform with an industry-first consulting approach on the world’s #1 CRM and customer engagement ecosystem, to increase deals in the pipeline and improve the accuracy of underwriting for acquisitions and dispositions.

“Real estate investors and operators are demanding more data-driven insights for decision making. The Cherre and Fortimize alliance provides the real estate industry with expertise and a turnkey solution for users to get the data they want into a tool of their choice,” said Grant Wood, Cherre Vice President of Strategic Solutions.

Fawn Perazzo, Fortimize Real Estate Practice Lead added, “This partnership amplifies the power of Salesforce for real estate companies. By connecting a mutual customer’s disparate real estate data, Cherre’s platform enables us to seamlessly integrate property data into Salesforce, creating a single source of truth around a team’s deal pipeline. Firms can customize the Salesforce platform to meet their team’s needs, which many pointed solutions lack. In this highly competitive landscape, this means dealmakers are better enabled to focus on building relationships and closing deals, instead of wasting time swiveling between disparate systems.”

With the launch of this partnership, Cherre and Fortimize will arm real estate organizations and teams with key data points to help reduce space downtime, maximize rental terms and improve revenue forecasting for leasing use cases, all from within their CRM.

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Fortimize, a financial services and real estate consulting firm, partners with clients to design, build, automate and enhance digital experiences for their customers and employees leveraging the Salesforce platform and other leading technologies. Fortimize has been a Salesforce partner since 2012.

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