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ERIS is the only company to provide comprehensive data to assess environmental risk throughout North America. Serving Canada, the US, and Mexico, ERIS provides current and historical property information. Our environmental database reports, physical setting reports (PSR), historical property information including fire insurance maps, aerial photos (historical aerials), topographic maps, city directory searches, chains of title, and lien searches are used by environmental consultants, commercial developers, lenders, home inspectors, for real estate due diligence and commercial environmental planning. ERIS meets criteria set by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). Since 1999, ERIS has delivered accurate, affordable, on-demand database research services.

Data Partner Offerings:

1. Risk Score Report which provides a high-level instant analysis on the address, providing an Environmental Risk Score of “Elevated” or “Low” Risk.

2. ERIS Direct which enables a client to search for Environmental Risk Data on address specific searches.

About Environmental Risk Information Services (ERIS)

Environmental Risk Information Services (ERIS)

Environmental Risk Information Services (ERIS) has been providing critical risk and historical information on properties in Canada since 1999. In late 2013, ERIS launched in the US, as the first and only company to provide environmental risk information for both countries. Since 2017, ERIS offers information for Mexico – full North American coverage.

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