Property Characteristics, Ownership, Contact and Tenant Data (CRE)

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Asset Classes

Hospitality (hotel), Industrial, Medical, Multifamily, Office, Retail, Single Family Residential, Storage, Land, Senior Housing

Topics Covered
  • Tax Assessor Data
  • Sales Comps
  • Market Insights
  • Mortgages
  • Property Owner
  • Property Characteristics
  • Sale Listings
  • Valuations
  • Contact Information
  • CRE Performance
  • ESG
  • Property Tenants

Commercial Real Estate data on properties for lease, properties for sale, sales comparables, tenant data, apartment data, historical data and detailed contact data for the professionals associated with the properties. Data offering consists of:

  • Commercial property, ownership and broader tax assessor data
  • Commercial transactional data to include sales and mortgages
  • ESG Data - Property Specific
  • CRE Valuation Estimates
  • CRE Tenant Profiles

About Enriched Data

Enriched Data

Enriched Data is the largest enriched database in the U.S. We enrich the data from multiple data sources: crowd sourcing, public and private data sources, and industry professionals - owners, appraisers, property managers, inspectors, leasing agents, and brokers.

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