Maps-as-a-Service Platform & Property Maps with Geospatial Unit Data

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Multifamily, Storage, Student Housing, Senior Housing

Topics Covered
  • Service Provider
  • Property Maps-as-a-service Platform

Unit Maps are a physical building ledger of record for each apartment or unit within a property. Each property map provides unique Unit IDs, Building, Floor, Floor Plan and Latitude/Longitude data, for integration with other unit-level datasets. Comprehensive SDK is available for development teams to add interactive property maps as a feature to existing software applications. Unit Map APIs also provide PMS Provider IDs for referencing.

Offering Includes: Maps-as-a-service platform, Property maps with geospatial unit data, Unique Unit IDs, Property and Unit Geolocation and GeoSON

About Engrain


Make better decisions, faster. Visualize unit-level property data with the context of a building map. Map-based visualizations of your property performance, financial, and other unit-based data make it easier to identify trends, outliers, and patterns. Engrain’s Unit Map plug-in allows you to replace spreadsheets and endless reports with interactive heat maps of your properties and see your data in a new way. Property performance data viewed through the lens of the actual real estate can provide context for financials, building trends, unit desirability issues and more. Visualizing data allows owners and operators to better anticipate turns and exposure, set performance benchmarks and manage renovation and move-in schedules. Unit Map is a maps-as-a-service platform used as a feature within multifamily software applications for touring, wayfinding, leasing and business intelligence. Beyond data visualization, Unit Map also provides a solution to multifamily’s pervasive unit ID matching problem. Unit Map unique unit IDs provide a reliable way to map any data source to a specific physical apartment. Engrain, a recognized leader in next-generation touring technology and map-based data visualization software, using advanced integrations and flexible technology to offer solutions for any real estate tech stack.

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