Point of Interest datasets including Places, Shapes, and Activity

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  • Points of Interest (POI)
  • Property Characteristics
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  • Foot Traffic / Footfall / Visits
  • Building Footprint

Echo Analytics provides Location datasets including Places, Shapes, and Activity that help companies better understand the physical world.

Places data (also known as Points of Interest - POI data) includes information about all kinds of commercial locations that could be visited by humans on the Earth's surface. This includes categories like grocery stores, restaurants, airports, museums, parks, etc, excluding single-family homes. Some of the attributes included in the dataset are POI name, Brand name, Lat/long, Address, Open/Close status, Opening hours, Phone number, Email address, etc.

Shapes data adds an additional layer of context to our Places datasets. A shape is a 2D representation of a building on a map using a geographic system – also known as a polygon. Thanks to Shapes you can find out how many POIs are within the same building or residing alone. It also provides information on how big a certain location is and helps to visualize a POI dataset on an interface.

Activity data is all about user movement. The Activity dataset answers questions like: “How many people visit a specific location on a weekly basis?”, “Where do visitors of POI XYZ go before/after the visit?”, “How often do people come back to the store within the same week?”. Attributes included: Visitors, Visits, Average Visits per Visitor, Shared Visitors, etc.

About Echo Analytics

Echo Analytics

At Echo, our mission is to enable companies to innovate faster by making the world easy to understand using data. Using a combination of machine learning algorithms and human feedback, we build the most comprehensive Geospatial Datasets in Europe and the U.S. and convert them into meaningful insights. Our data provide answers to complex business issues related to real-world changes and consumer behavior.

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