Roof Spotlight Index (RSI)

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  • Aerial Imagery
  • Property Characteristics
  • Risks / Perils

Betterview's Roof Spotlight Index (RSI) includes roof share, material, roof maladies, and property features such as swimming pool, trampoline, debris on parcel, solar panels, and tree overhang.

Provide more accurate quotes with less effort, improving your customer experience and conversion from quote to bind.

  • Know the condition and perils of a property upfront before bind and issuance.
  • Reduce the review time and quote cycle time for submissions.
  • Reduce friction in a manually intensive property underwriting process.

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Betterview is the market-leading Property Intelligence platform for empowering insurers to deliver a next-generation experience to underwriters, agents, and insureds while increasing underwriting efficiency and profitability. Combining continuously evolving AI, computer vision, and customizable workflows to commercial, private, and public data, Betterview supports your business's unique needs through transparent, actionable property insights. Go from repair and replace to predict and prevent.

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