Short-Term Rental Data and Analytics

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Asset Classes

Hospitality (hotel), Multifamily, Single Family Residential

Topics Covered
  • Lease Comps
  • Market Insights
  • Rental Listings
  • Short-Term Rentals
  • Valuations

AllTheRooms is a metasearch engine that scans all potential room resources, combining hotels with vacation rentals, secret deals, and all other types of accommodations to provide a complete and comprehensive array of options to travelers.

By aggregating short-term rental listings, AllTheRooms powers real-time market level performance analytics that can be leveraged by real estate investors and property managers to make data-driven decisions.

Short-term vacation rental data including:

  • provider name
  • property type
  • property details
  • listing details
  • rating
  • pricing

AllTheRooms + Cherre: Leveraging Cherre’s expansive knowledge graph, AllTheRooms data can be seamlessly integrated into existing workflows, enabling comprehensive market analysis and more informed decision-making.

Sample Case Study: Performance Metrics Dashboard and Market Analysis: With AllTheRooms Analytics, key performance indicators such as occupancy, ADR, number of reserved days, and monthly revenue can be easily monitored and studied. Detailed short-term market analysis with AllTheRooms’ granular listing-level data can also help with evaluating how local short-term rental markets respond to short-duration events, such as the Super Bowl or music festivals. 

How AllTheRooms Works 

  • Hospitality Management: AllTheRooms provides hotels and hospitality management companies with data on all available room resources to provide insight into how short-term rentals impact hotel performance, enabling them to develop historical and data-based pricing strategies.
  • Vacation Rental Hosts and Property Managers: AllTheRooms Analytics offers essential key performance indicators for every vacation rental market including ADR, occupancy rates, and RevPar to help vacation rental hosts and property managers improve competitiveness of their properties.
  • Destination Marketing Organizations: AllTheRooms Analytics includes a comprehensive view of local markets to enable destination marketers to plan for future events based on projected bookings reports. Marketers can also evaluate applicable state or county laws to ensure future plans meet regulatory requirements. 

About AllTheRooms


AllTheRooms is the leading provider of short-term rental data and analytics. We analyze the short-term and vacation rental market for any destination in the world to help investors and hosts make profitable decisions.

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