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Advan computes accurate foot traffic, trade areas and visitor demographics on every building in the US, Canada and several other countries, including 100 million commercial and residential properties and every CMBS property; real time population and migration from/to any census statistical area; traffic on every road worldwide; and performance metrics on 4,000 companies that are more accurate than analysts’ estimates. With a database of over 2 million manually curated Points Of Interest (POIs) and with the most accurate data, Advan is the go-to geolocation company for Hedge Funds and Real Estate investors.

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Advan was launched with the vision of delivering institutional-quality geolocation data that enables real estate brokers and investors, hedge funds, retailers, and other businesses to make better business and investment decisions. Our team has spent decades on Wall Street, and we understand the importance of data integrity and accuracy. We have developed millions of precise, manual geofences to provide the most extensive and accurate geolocation data, available through an intuitive, self-service dashboard. And we have layered in analytics that allow fast and actionable insights into customer behavior and corporate activity. For hedge funds, this means market insights to support any strategy, with 60% more accuracy than analyst forecasts. Real estate brokers and investors can create reports within minutes that enable them to analyze markets, track tenant performance and visualize foot traffic to any location. Retailers have access to 200 billion monthly data points to understand where visitors come from and other locations they have visited

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  • Points of Interest (POI)

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