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About Dataset

Access reliable data based on income, demographics, and industry from our secure database and easy-to-use, interactive mapping tool.

  • Readily spot economic trends, and spend less time analyzing outdated government sources or surveys.
  • Understand the migration of people, jobs and income comparing zip codes, MSAs and states.
  • Precisely assess employer-to-employee income flow over time with residential and commercial insights.
  • Reliably evaluate spending power, identify macro trends and compare locations.
  • Quickly view industry-specific data to benchmark the economic value and competitive landscape.

Powered by ADP Payroll: Paychecks are the source of our ADP data, and nobody processes more payroll in the U.S. than ADP.

Geo-specific and industry level: Our data is available at the geographic and industry level in the range of depth you need to make insightful, informed decisions.

Up-to-date and delivered monthly: Anonymized, automated, scheduled data delivery that is updated weekly and unmatched in size and scope.

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Topics Covered

  • Demographics
  • Economic Data
  • Employment

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