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Access reliable data based on income, demographics, and industry from our secure database and easy-to-use, interactive mapping tool.

  • Readily spot economic trends, and spend less time analyzing outdated government sources or surveys.
  • Understand the migration of people, jobs and income comparing zip codes, MSAs and states.
  • Precisely assess employer-to-employee income flow over time with residential and commercial insights.
  • Reliably evaluate spending power, identify macro trends and compare locations.
  • Quickly view industry-specific data to benchmark the economic value and competitive landscape.

Powered by ADP Payroll: Paychecks are the source of our ADP data, and nobody processes more payroll in the U.S. than ADP.

Geo-specific and industry level: Our data is available at the geographic and industry level in the range of depth you need to make insightful, informed decisions.

Up-to-date and delivered monthly: Anonymized, automated, scheduled data delivery that is updated weekly and unmatched in size and scope.

How ADP Income and Migration Data Works

  • Real Estate Developers/Investors/Brokers: By aggregating income and migration data based on where employees work and live, ADP provides an unparalleled view on demographics and migration patterns. It offers in-depth analysis of market fundamentals with verified up-to-date income data instead of survey-based census estimates. 
  • Industry Risk Exposure Management: With its granular NAICS industry classification, ADP Income and Migration Data offers solutions for complex risk assessment by outlining the level of industry concentration in an area based on the number of employees and employers in a given zip code. 
  • Market Research and Analytics: Updated on a monthly basis, ADP Income and Migration data gives unprecedented time-series insights on fundamental drivers of market demand including income, age of employees, and their migration patterns over time.

ADP + Cherre: ADP Income and Migration Data can be seamlessly integrated into Cherre’s data connection platform and into existing workflows to enable comprehensive market analysis and better decision making.

  • Demographics and Industry Exposure ADP Income Data: What’s the average employee income in a certain submarket? What is the age distribution? What industries are they in? With ADP Income and Migration Data, you can monitor and analyze the latest market trends by leveraging up-to-date monthly demographics insights. This allows you to make swift and informed moves based on trends like an influx of younger and higher-income employees moving to the zip code, and extends your competitive advantage. 
  • Income Level vs. Rent: What leading indicators are highly correlated with rent in a submarket? Cherre’s data science team has discovered a strong correlation between ADP income level and rents in New York. This is only one of the analyses that Cherre’s robust platform will help you unlock. Cherre connects and organizes our partner data to make it easy to integrate for analysis so you can focus on creating your next data-driven strategy.

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