Data-Driven Decision Making Throughout the Asset Lifecycle

All your financial and operational data, market trends, and benchmarking indexes connected for automated reporting and insight on-demand.

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Win With the Right Data

Consistent, data-driven decision-making across your entire organization.

Real-Time Insights Powered by Automated Reporting

Maximize resources and identify opportunities by exposing instant budget variance. Compare property manager, operator, and broker performance by asset or across a portfolio. Leverage market data and comps to benchmark and increase returns.

Track Everything and Establish Accountability at Scale

View detailed asset or portfolio performance versus against underwriting and budget analysis. Enable automated forecasting, re-forecasting, and re-statements. View real time asset and portfolio exposure and risk concentration.

Optimize for Future Returns and Increase AUM

Create unified investment and management workflows to accelerate decision making. Use AI-enabled predictive modeling across the asset lifecycle for higher ROI.

Establish Data Lineage and Instill Confidence

Instill confidence in LPs and investors with unparalleled insights and consistent, accurate reporting. Establish trust across your organization with clean data and verifiable data lineage.

Actionable Insights On-Demand

Unlock your portfolio's full potential.

Office Portfolio Summary Dashboard
Your Entire Portfolio at Your Fingertips

Streamline workflows and quickly validate strategic decisions with instant access to key portfolio and fund level metrics including AUM, NOI, LTV, debt service, and more.

Segment by fund, geography, asset manager, property attributes and more to gauge risk across your entire portfolio.

Retail Market Overview, Benchmarking Dashboard
Operational Metrics at Any Level

Compare portfolio and property performance to your underwriting, budget, and external benchmarks across key operational metrics.

Easily view rent rolls, leasing activity, vacancy rates, tenant risk, and more while monitoring critical dates all in a single dashboard.

Financial Performance, Portfolio Summary, Industrial Assets
Financials You Can Trust

Aggregate key portfolio and property level financial metrics including cash flows, debt, and equity analytics for accelerated decision making.

Analyze operating expense trends, and benchmark against historical and market performance to maximize returns.

Optimize Your Portfolio With Cherre

A powerful platform to report, research, and analyze everything.

Data Submission Portal
Data Submission Portal

Seamlessly connect your financial, operational, and ESG data for consistent reporting for any period and asset. Automatically validate submissions against your unique business rules, accelerating the reporting cycle.

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Real Estate Data and Application Vendors Connections Marketplace

Leverage pre-built connectors to add third-party market data and comps from our industry-leading Connections Marketplace.

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Egress into Dashboards, Analytics Applications, Modeling tools

Leverage Cherre's flexible egress options to power dashboards, analytics, and downstream applications and modeling tools.

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Address Stakeholder Needs Across All Departments

Give your whole enterprise the power to leverage the same data with Cherre’s scalable and flexible data integration and insights platform.

Cherre for Asset Managers
  • Access key portfolio- and property-level cash flows, debt, and equity analytics
  • Perform variance analysis for actual to budget to underwriting to forecast
  • Analyze operating expense trends and detect anomalies
  • Benchmark returns against historical and peer indexes
Cherre for Data Scientists
  • Save time on cleaning and preparing data. Get right to modeling, mining, and analysis
  • Leverage pre-connected data, ready-built analytical models, and turnkey dashboards to mine for opportunistic investments
  • Built-in schema discovery, entity matching and routing, and field conflict resolution
Cherre for App Developers
  • Build faster, and get to market faster
  • Leverage a powerful API that supports every use case
  • Maintain full control over configuration, permissions, and data objects
  • Scale and grow by seamlessly adding more data from our partner network
  • Ingest any type of data, and egress any BI tool or downstream application

Streamline Workflows and Instill Confidence

Automated Reporting
Automated Reporting

Add value beyond just dashboards with automated reporting and workflow integration with internal and external stakeholders. Remove manual validation checks on your financial and operational data with the validation rules you need.

Versatile Security
Versatile Security

Strict compliance and security are built in. Control who sees what with user-based permissions and SSO out of the box.

An Elastic Solution for Asset Management Data Analytics, Reporting, and Insights

Cherre has already done the data connection heavy-lifting so you can focus on reporting, analysis, benchmarking and smarter decision making.

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