Make Better Investment and Underwriting Decisions

Leverage the most powerful real estate AI platform in the world to build a long-lasting competitive advantage.

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Top Performing
Artificial Intelligence + Managers

AI engine allows you to quickly source and evaluate millions of opportunities in
real time, and leverage the knowledge and experience of your top performing
asset managers and underwriters.

AI Engine

Artificial Intelligence engine processes signals from over 300K unique data sets, including all of your paid subscriptions and propriety internal data.

Real Estate Professionals

Opportunities are reviewed and executed by your investment and underwriting professionals, further training the AI engine to make better decisions.

Consistently Outperform the Market

Cherre transforms real estate investing and underwriting into a science
to outperform industry benchmarks

  • Automated asset evaluation and recommendation

  • Real-time market and trend analysis

  • Automated risk analysis and mitigation

  • Accurate ROI and NOI modeling and prediction

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