Master the Submissions Cycle

Instantly validate and consolidate partner data with unprecedented flexibility and transparency.

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Get Clean, Consolidated Data Faster Than Ever

Accelerate your enterprise with trusted, accurate data.

Eliminate Bottlenecks

Proactively address issues: Providers get instant feedback on their submissions, and you have a 360-degree view of the entire submission cycle.

Improve Asset Performance

Use better, more timely data to make better, faster decisions about your portfolio and providers.

Reduce Administrative Costs

Automatically map and consolidate data, enabling you to onboard and manage more assets using fewer resources.

Direct Your Tech

Change your providers, users, systems, calendars, data mappings, and workflows on demand.

Automate Partner Data Submissions

Don’t sacrifice quality and control. Upgrade it instead.

Data Submission Portal, Submission Process Monitoring
Instantly Validate Anything

No matter what type of data you have, Cherre can handle it. Choose from Cherre’s prebuilt library of financial, operational, and ESG submission templates, or define your own.

Data Submission Overview by Property
Total Transparency

Easily view your entire submissions cycle on one dashboard, then drill into provider performance.

Manage Approval Workflows by Property or Data Type
Complete Control

Define approval workflows by property or data type, manage data mappings (including chart of account mappings), and add your own rules to Cherre’s standard validation library.

Data Submission Portal, User Management
Effortless Onboarding and Administration

Easily add or remove providers and properties within our self-service portal, or delegate administration to a trusted service provider.

Data Visualization: Reporting Dashboard or Egress
Egress Anywhere

Visualize your connected, consolidated data with Cherre’s asset management reporting dashboards. Or, route it anywhere: a downstream data warehouse, financial modeling application, or property management software.

Confidently Drive the Insights That Drive Your Enterprise

With Cherre, your data is trusted, relevant, and accurate even when it lives outside our Platform.

Collect & Certify

Data Submission Portal

Build a solid foundation of quality data. Instantly validate and aggregate financial, operational, and ESG data.

Collect and Certify Real Estate Data
Cherre Platform


Cherre Platform

Power analysis and modeling through application and third-party data ingestion, modeling, mapping, standardization, egress, and monitoring.


Dashboards, Reporting, and Decisions

Deliver insights at the moment of decision through Cherre’s comprehensive library of BI dashboards, Data Kits, or flexible egress options to your downstream data warehouse, financial modeling application, or PM software.

Deliver Insights via Dashboards or Egress

Built-In Security That Supports Your Data Governance Strategy

From data ingestion to data delivery, Cherre monitors and keeps your data secure.

Role-Based Security

Define your approval workflows so data moves only when and where you want it to.


Admins or trusted service providers can manage chart of accounts, entity, and other mappings, as well as users and properties.

Easy Audibility

Trace data pathways and approvals from submission to sign-off.

Trade Manual Data Collection for Instant Validation

Break free from the pain of partner data collection and start channeling trusted data throughout the entire organization.

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