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Leverage all your connected data to unlock sustainable competitive advantages.


Build a flexible data architecture that supports rapid innovation with unified data at the core. Empower data science teams to start with clean and standardized data.


Easily scale and add new capabilities through new datasets and information. Grow without disrupting your existing data infrastructure.


Use Cherre’s pre-built connectors to accelerate your roadmap for adding application, system, and subscription data to a central data warehouse. Reduce the required resources needed to analyze data for informed decision making.

Data Management That Delivers Immediate Value

Seamlessly ingest, connect, and consume all of your real estate data across the organization.

Cherre Data Management Chart: Ingest, Connect, Consume All Real Estate Data

Streamlined Data Ingestion and Management

Cherre’s platform offers secure and flexible data ingress options:

Real Estate Application Partner Network: ERP Systems, Deal Management and Leasing Platforms
Cherre Connectors

Cherre’s extensive application partner network makes it easy to connect and ingest data from key internal systems such as ERP solutions, deal management platforms, leasing platforms and more.

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Data Submission Portal
Cherre's Submission Portal

Cherre's Submission Portal streamlines and standardizes data collection from third-party vendors and investment managers. Map your data and set rules to automate data ingestion, standardization, and validation.

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Cherre Ingress
Cherre Ingress

Cherre’s secure SFTP enables your managed service providers to submit data to Cherre for ingestion, standardization, and mapping. This way, you can keep working with the partners you want to work with.

Standardization, Integration, and Mapping Made Easy

Give your whole enterprise the power to leverage the same data with Cherre’s scalable and flexible data integration and insights platform.

Real Estate Data Standardisation

Cherre seamlessly connects any address, geolocation etc. to Cherre's mapped and resolved Data Fabric, enabling you to quickly unify your data and extract actionable insights.

Our data model is always growing, giving you access to the largest real estate data knowledge graph in the world.

Real Estate Data Integration into Cherre's Data Fabric

Cherre’s Data Fabric consists of mapped and resolved public data that includes property characteristics, recorder and deeds, valuations, tax and assessments, liens and mortgages, boundaries, community and demographics, and POI.

With more than 3.3+ billion addresses and rigorously tested machine learning algorithms, Cherre can connect and aggregate data based on any number of identifiers or geospatial layers - from building and parcel boundaries, to submarkets, to custom boundaries, and more.

Data Mapping into Cherre's Standard Data Model

Cherre’s schema mapping engine is flexible and configurable, allowing you to map between source and target systems, as well as mapping to Cherre’s standard data model.

Your Connected Data, Your Way

Cherre API
  • Search Across Your Data - Cherre’s API allows you to retrieve data from every connected data set in a single query.
  • Geospatial Queries - The API offers out-of-the-box geospatial queries for all common PostGIS functions to power your custom searches. Search custom market boundaries or input any point on the map to pull back results from all of your connected data.
  • Large Data Pulls - Cherre’s API can sit on top of a BigQuery data warehouse, enabling you to pull thousands of records at a time across any set of connected objects.
  • Aggregate Analysis - Use Cherre’s API to quickly analyze and evaluate new connected data sets by running aggregate queries like “sum,” “distinct,” and “average.”
Cherre Reporting and Analytics
  • Consolidate your reporting with integrated data in a single dashboard. Improve reporting accuracy and increase visibility into asset performance. Easily layer in market data from our Connections Catalog for a better grasp on benchmarking or deeper insights.
  • Cherre offers an extensive library of reporting and analytics dashboards, packaged to meet your core business needs:
Cherre Managed Egress
  • Get your connected real estate data where you need it most. Cherre can egress to your existing data warehouse, BI tools, deal management systems, valuation system, and more. Accelerate access to data from internal systems or third parties, simply select the licensed tables you want to export and Cherre Egress will provide a one-time initial load followed by incremental updates.
  • Egress to:
    • Snowflake
    • AWS
    • Azure
    • BigQuery
    • SFTP
    • More coming soon!

Strict Compliance and Security Built-In

Cherre is SOC-2 compliant with strict security and compliance measures built into every layer of Cherre’s platform and process. Your data security is our top priority.


Cherre uses role-based security architecture and confidentiality best practices to protect against unauthorized disclosure of information. We ensure that private information remains private and that it can only be viewed or accessed by individuals who need that information in order to complete their job duties.


Cherre provides protection from unauthorized modifications (e.g., add, delete, or change) of data. Our system provides the highest level of data integrity and we ensure that your data can be trusted to be accurate and that it has not been inappropriately modified.


Cherre ensures that all data is encrypted both at rest and in transit; guaranteeing that all client information is kept secure at all times. Cherre restricts the transmission, movement, and removal of information to authorized internal and external users and processes, and protects it during transmission, movement, or removal.

Cherre’s transparency compliance enable you to meet your regulatory needs. Learn more about Cherre’s security measures and download our security white paper.

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