Automate P&C Insurance Underwriting

Instantly connect all property and policy data to enable faster, more accurate prospecting and underwriting.

Real Estate

Cherre is the leading real estate data management and analytics platform.

Unified Information

Deeper Prospecting

Easily identify and target high-quality leads across any asset class with the most accurate and granular information on parcels, buildings, units, owners, and more.

Instant answers

Faster Conversion

Automate form pre-fill and virtual inspections with the world’s largest real estate knowledge graph, ensuring timely and accurate processing.

Unlocked Insights

Better modeling

Instantly access connected internal and vendor data, empowering researchers and data scientists to more accurately model and predict risk.

Built for Property and Casualty Insurance Professionals

  • The most complete coverage of SFH, CCR, and CRE properties in the U.S.
  • Easily access data in GraphQL API, UI, or managed data lake formats.
  • True private and corporate ownership information and contact details.
  • Faster processing of applications through automated data fill.
  • Accurate virtual inspections for properties below certain valuation thresholds.
  • Fewer mistakes and guesswork due to reduced human interaction.
  • Build on the most comprehensive foundation of property, community, and owner data – all fully mapped to our ontology and knowledge graph.
  • The fastest real estate analytics solution. Nothing comes close.
  • Instant access to the largest network of live data partners – fully connected and ready to use.

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