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The ultimate access for your connected data analytics warehouse.

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Cherre API

The Complete Real Estate Data Pipeline

One Integrated Endpoint

One Integrated Endpoint

Access all of your connected data through a single endpoint, removing the need for your engineering team to build endless integrations for every data set you want to utilize.

No Additional Logic Needed

No Additional Logic Needed

Leverage out-of-the-box aggregations, geospatial searches, and standardization services for powering your products without adding additional logic and services in your environment.

Agile and Flexible Integration

Agile and Flexible Integration

Power all of your use cases, from live queries within your UI to running models, and get your connected data into your products and models faster.

The Power of Cherre’s API

Cherre Connections Query
Search Across Your Data

Cherre’s API allows you to retrieve data from every connected data set in a single query.

Cherre’s Connection Services standardize addresses, names, and geospatial boundaries to join all disparate data together.

Cherre Geospatial
Geospatial Queries

The API offers out-of-the-box geospatial queries for all common PostGIS functions to power your custom searches.

Search custom market boundaries or input any point on the map to pull back results from all of your connected data.

Cherre Large Pulls
Large Data Pulls

Cherre has launched an API that sits on top of our BigQuery data warehouse, enabling clients who are part of our Alpha program to pull thousands of records at a time across any set of connected objects.

Aggregated Analysis
Aggregate Analysis

Quickly analyze and evaluate new connected data sets by running aggregate queries like “sum,” “distinct,” and “average.”

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