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Rental Beast provides the most comprehensive view of the rental marketplace, arming decision makers with the clear and current rental listing information needed to make informed business decisions.

By applying a combination of proprietary technology and local expertise, Rental Beast maintains a highly accurate national database of nearly nine million single family and multifamily rental properties not found on any Multiple Listing Service.

With more than 50 distinct data elements sourced directly from property owners and managers, the Rental Beast dataset is fulfillment grade and built to service all facets of a rental transaction, ensuring the most current, reliable information is applied to rental comp reports, automated valuation models, and custom data requests.

How it works?

Real Estate Investors and Developers

Real Estate Investors and Developers

With the Rental Beast data set, real estate investors and developers are armed with the latest information to analyze future cash flow opportunities and market value for residential projects based on rental comps, a rental valuation model, and custom reports.

Property Management

Property Management

By leveraging the most current rental listing data provided by Rental Beast, property managers can monitor recent rental transactions to maximize revenue and occupancy rates.

Rental Beast and Cherre

Leveraging Cherre’s expansive knowledge graph, Rental Beast data can be seamlessly integrated into existing workflows to enable comprehensive market analysis and better decision-making.

Rental Beast + Cherre