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RedZone developed the RZRisk Score to streamline hazard and risk modeling for tactical fire planning, P&C insurance, commercial property, and public utility markets.

Designed by a team of fire scientists, data modelers, and subject matter experts, RedZone has national coverage and includes metrics such as fire severity, frequency, and contributing factors.

How RedZone Works

P&C Insurance and Risk Management

P&C Insurance and Risk Management

RedZone provides a standardized RZRisk Score of the subject property and zone that can be compared against other properties. This increases underwriting confidence through accurate risk identification and hence more accurate predictive loss calculations. Additionally, portfolio level risk analytics can be monitored and tracked in real-time to inform data-driven strategy.

Real Estate Investors and Developers

Real Estate Investors and Developers

When prospecting for new development sites or investment projects, developers and investors can use RedZone’s detailed map of affected areas in the event of wildfire and a comprehensive list of property characteristics that impact damage levels to mitigate potential fire loss and enhance safety standards of the properties.

RedZone and Cherre

Leveraging Cherre’s expansive knowledge graph, RedZone’s data can be seamlessly integrated into existing workflows to enable enhanced risk modeling and better underwriting decision-making.

RedZone + Cherre