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Real Capital Analytics offers a commercial real estate transaction database of $18 trillion of sales, developments, recapitalization and financing.

Real Capital Analytics covers 8 property types in 172 countries with property and transaction attributes emphasizing financing details, prior transaction history and true owner identification.

Real Capital Analytics also tracks over 200,000 investor profiles linked to the firm’s current portfolio and transaction history.

How it works?

Real Estate Investors and Developers

Real Estate Investors and Developers

RCA’s global commercial real estate transaction database helps investors and developers identify market trends and the stage of the market cycle, understand capital flow and competition, and evaluate investment opportunities with transaction history and comparables.

Real Estate Lenders and Originators

Real Estate Lenders and Originators

With RCA financing deal information, lenders and originators can quickly assess current market value and collateral liquidity, track competitive landscape and market share, and mitigate risk with up-to-date market information.

Real Estate Brokers and Agents

Real Estate Brokers and Agents

By leveraging RCA’s transaction database and investor profiles, commercial real estate brokers and agents can source opportunities by tracking industry trends and property transaction history, quickly evaluate a deal based on market comparables and current financing terms, and generate marketing lists for potential investors who have transacted on similar properties.

RCA and Cherre

Using its expansive knowledge graph, Cherre can seamlessly integrate RCA data into existing workflows to power comprehensive market analysis and enable better decision-making.


Sample Case Studies

Case Study 1

Comprehensive Short-term Rental Market Overview

Cherre’s fully integrated platform allows real estate professionals to conduct due diligence and find comparable properties effortlessly, leveraging multiple sources including RCA and Cherre’s Foundation Data, all within a single application.

RCA Integrations
Case Study 2

RCA + CompStak by Cherre Platform

By leveraging Cherre’s extensive data partner network, real estate investors can test hypotheses and detect market inflection points with up-to-date market data. One of the intriguing questions to all market players include “is a high leasing absorption rate an early indicator of increasing sales volume and price?” With RCA sales transactions and CompStak leasing activities fully integrated within Cherre platform, investors are well equipped with essential data points to formulate data-driven investment strategies in an ever changing market environment.

RCA Integrations