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CompStak creates transparency in commercial real estate by crowdsourcing transaction details from verified and active industry professionals such as brokerage and appraisal firms.

Through a rigorous data verification process, CompStak standardizes, integrates, and updates deal information from multiple sources to deliver the highest caliber transaction data and comps.

CompStak covers 75+ data fields for each property or transaction for 850K unique properties across the U.S. and 2.3 million comps.

How it works?

RE Developers, Investors and Brokers

Developers, Investors and Brokers

By tracking actual starting rent and rent concessions, CompStak’s granular transaction level details create a clear view of commercial properties. CompStak estimates an accurate valuation and unlocks best pricing strategies for the subject property and each competitive property.

Unlocked Insights

Market Research and Analytics

Leveraging industry approved market and submarket definitions, CompStak offers insights based on detailed transaction level information, instead of survey-based estimates for each market.


Credit Rating and Risk Management

CompStak’s up-to-date and analyst-reviewed comps power data-driven underwriting, future rental cash flow projections, and risk analysis and evaluation.

CompStak and Cherre

Leveraging Cherre’s expansive knowledge graph, CompStak data can be seamlessly integrated into existing workflows to enable comprehensive market analysis and better decision-making.


Sample Case Studies

  1. query Compstak {
  2. compstak_leases(where: { submarket: { _eq: “Times Square South” } }) {
  3. building_class
  4. starting_rent_per_sq_ft
  5. transaction_sq_ft
  6. }}
Case Study 1

Correlation between floor plate size, building class, and median starting rent

What is the rent spread between building classes? Does a larger space generally command higher rent? Is there a consistent, multidimensional correlation across different submarkets? By leveraging verified lease transactions, CompStak offers exploratory analysis to easily discover actionable insights on market dynamics.

Safegraph Integrations
  1. query Compstak_rent_ADP_income {
  2. compstak_leases(
  3. where: { zip_code: { _eq: “10017” }, property_subtype: { _eq: “Office” } }
  4. ){
  5. net_effective_rent
  6. }
  7. adp_wzip_nacis_4 (where: { work_zip: { _eq: “10017” } }) {
  8. percentile_50_salary_paid_emp
  9. }
  10. }
Case Study 2

Income level vs. rent

What leading indicators are highly correlated with rent in a submarket? There’s a high correlation between income levels and rents in New York. By integrating CompStak’s rent data into Cherre’s platform, your team can easily build customized predictive models using real-time connected data sets to support innovative investment research and analysis.

CompStak Integrations