Power Your Business with the Most Accurate Data

Cherre's data network provides you with the most accurate, and updated real estate data to power your most mission-critical operations. We support most delivery mechanisms, and our platform can be tailored to your specific needs.

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The Largest Mapped
Real Estate Data Collection in the World

Our data is constantly updated by observing and learning
from our countless user interactions.

  • Cherre data repository 177M

  • Competitor A 155M

  • Competitor B 145M

  • Competitor C 138M

  • Competitor D 120M

  • Competitor E 50M

Unique Data Sets
  • Cherre data repository 300K

  • Competitor A 70K

  • Competitor B 30K

  • Competitor C <1K

Data Points
  • Cherre data repository >2B

  • Competitor A 150M

  • Competitor B 120M

All the Data You Can Handle

Our data network supports some of the largest banks,
insurance companies, and investors in the world.

Property Characteristics

Lot, building and unit characteristics, including true ownership, bedrooms, bathrooms, size, amenities, materials, zoning, permits, violations, and much more.

Extracted Features

The most detailed 7.5cm GSD vertical and 360° oblique images for every US address, allows for any programmatic feature extraction.

Tax and Assessment

Fully detailed assessed and final property values and taxes, as well as exemptions, abatements, and credits.

Recorder and Deed

All transaction information, with detailed buyer and seller identity, contact information, easements and encroachments, and other related transaction data.

Lien and Mortgages

Loans, lenders, borrowers, amounts, interest rates, origination date, and recording date.


Property valuations derived from over 450 million transactions. Over 100M properties, with detailed ranges and confidence scores for maximum transparency.


More than 10 years of data from over 75 million listings. We cover 99% of the U.S., including all major MSAs and counties.

Community and Demographics

Population, languages, marital status, schools, points of interest, workforce, education, transportation, unemployment, ethnicity, income, weather, and much more.


Lot, building, neighborhood, district, school attendance, and transportation. We support multiple formats and hierarchies, including custom boundaries.

Easy and Simple to Use

Powerful GraphQL API that can easily meet any use case.

Enterprise Grade

Trusted by the largest investors, banks, and insurance companies in the world, our high performance, low latency API meets the most demanding challenges.

Simple Integration

Scale endlessly with billions of public data points. Leverage our dedicated developer sandbox with detailed documentation and human support.

Single API Call

We’ve connected everything you need so you don’t have to. Return any data from a single API call, and only from your desired objects and fields.