Mortgage Finance Activity Pipelines

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Asset Classes

Hospitality (hotel), Medical, Multifamily, Office, Retail, Single Family Residential

Topics Covered
  • Market Insights
  • Mortgage / Loan Applications

Scotsman Guide’s proprietary market data is an exclusive, high-frequency view into mortgage finance pipelines. Months before the public release of housing starts, mortgage applications and other traditional data sources, Scotsman Guide’s proprietary high-frequency market data are a unique top-of-funnel look into mortgage finance pipelines. By analyzing the search activity performed on our Lender Search platform, we know what types of deals commercial and residential mortgage brokers are seeking to fund in real-time. Commercial and Residential Mortgage Application Activity by Loan Type, Loan Purpose, Location, Borrower Type, Loan Amount, Down Payment, Purchase Price, LTV

About Scotsman Guide

Scotsman Guide

Scotsman Guide is a financial technology company that provides digital tools, media, and market data to mortgage professionals. From property type and loan amounts to FICO scores, its data reveal the types of real estate deals commercial and residential mortgage brokers are trying to fund across the United States. Scotsman Guide’s data provides an early look into mortgage deals entering the finance pipeline months before they are recorded through traditional data sources.

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