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In a world where understanding consumer behavior is crucial, foot_traffic is your ultimate solution for gaining unparalleled insights into specific locations. With over five years of historical visitation data and predictive analytics, pass_by empower businesses to make informed decisions that drive success. At pass_by, we know that bad data leads to bad decisions. That’s why our in-house team of data scientists and machine learning experts have spent years ensuring our data is to the highest standard possible.

  • Ground truth validated: Our Footfall Intelligence Data is trained and validated against in-store foot traffic counters, enabling a daily correlation accuracy of up to 0.96 when compared to actual observed footfall.
  • Largest sample panel: The location data of over 185 million US mobile devices are analyzed to power our analytics.
  • Representative panel: This panel of devices closely matches the US national average on age, income, race and more, making them a representative sample of the population.
  • Proprietary AI models: From clean data, to attributing store visits, to producing predictive insights - our AI models are the key to the quality of our datasets.
  • Comprehensive network of datasets: As well as location data, these models are powered by census data, Safegraph’s point-of-interest data, Transunion’s consumer data and more.
  • Normalized and Scaled: pass_by’s data is scaled to represent the full population, and normalized so as to provide a consistent view of footfall over time.

About Pass_by (formerly Tamoco)

Pass_by (formerly Tamoco)

Tamoco is a leader in geospatial data products, enabling businesses to truly get to the bottom of the where, what and when of the physical world. Our market leading data products help companies plan, measure and analyze the physical world as effectively and seamlessly as the online world.

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