Estated provides real estate and property data to a wide range of industries including financial institutions, lenders, investors, insurance, home services, and utility companies. Estated's platform sources and augments property data on over 100 million properties from over 3100 counties across the US. The simple design, tools, and accessibility create value for businesses from Fortune 100 companies to startups. Estated is backed by Foundry Group and Techstars Ventures and is located in beautiful, British Columbia.

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About Dataset

Estated controls a massive database of over 140m residential and commercial properties in the United States. Businesses use our aggregated data to power their workflows and applications in real estate, utilities, analytics, AI, and more. Estated powers innovative businesses with simple, reliable data in insurance, lending, real estate, and energy Easy access to over 140 million properties, nationwide. Comprehensive address, parcel and building information; current and historical owners, deeds and tax assessments; precise valuations. Estated data is run through a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure delivery of reliable property data across the nation.

Asset Classes

  • Multifamily
  • Single Family Residential

Topics Covered

  • Assessor
  • Owners
  • Property Characteristics
  • Valuations

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