Leverage a Scalable Data Infrastructure

Technology companies of all sizes use Cherre to fuel their business applications with the power of connected data.

From data ingestion and resolution, to standardization and connection, Cherre's award-winning data platform helps technology companies leverage a scalable data infrastructure.

Cherre has the only knowledge graph in the world that combines real estate domain expertise with technology to provide a unified source of truth. Cherre can:

  • Replace expensive manual data connection solutions with AI and machine learning at a fraction of the cost
  • Provide robust data access through a single API
  • Deploy flexible and customizable solutions that can ingest any data feed, regardless of complexity
  • Access a growing network of the data partners and providers in the industry

Focus on what matters - your products and your customers. Request a demo and learn how Cherre can instantly accelerate your development pipeline, freeing up your resources to invest in your products.