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The most accurate real estate data in real time

"We trust Cherre to power our most sensitive data processes for our largest and most important clients." Stratus

Key Features

Our data is constantly updated by observing and learning from our countless user interactions


Cherre empowers data-driven firms with the ability to seamlessly connect any and all data to generate a single source of truth. Our platform integrates your siloed data to a centralized data warehouse or API, all in real-time.



Augment your data with Cherre's award-winning APIs, as well as 3rd party location, transportation, climate, social, and demographics data available exclusively through our platform – all seamlessly synced.



Explore your data for valuable insights like never before with powerful dashboards and visualizations. Easily customizable to help you answer your most pressing data questions.

Precise Real Estate Data

Programmatically identify, map and index any real estate data source with our machine learning platform.

  • CODE

    (Cardinal Object Data Engine)

    Identify and classify all immutable spatial data objects and hierarchies for each and every geography and jurisdiction.

  • ASME

    (Automated Schema Mapping Engine)

    Seamlessly map all data fields and types to their proper cardinal objects, and minimize the need for manual resolution.

  • ABLE

    (Automated Business Logic Engine)

    Quickly create very simple or complex dataset and field conflict resolution and priority rules to maintain data integrity.